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The Basics of Image File Formats and Vector File Formats Use

By and large, one will be quite perplexed by the number of the image file types available for them to choose from when they get to the need to save their files. Thanks to the number there are it is quite understandable when one gets bewildered with the decision for which of the image file types to use especially in the event that you happen not to know the difference there is with all these options or if you are not as sure as to what you are doing. In as much as this happens to be so bewildering, in actual sense you have little cause for panic and frustration having come to this brief for in it there is a particular emphasis and a keen effort to help clarify the facts on the various image file types and as well put clear the truths about them as well so as to make the decision and the process much simpler for you. The following are some of the image file types that actually are of the most importance.

Generally, there are basically two kinds of image file formats and these are the Vector File formats and the Raster file formats. Due to this, you will first need to make sure that you have well understood the difference there is between the two kinds of image file formats, the Vector files and the Raster files, before you know of the differences that are with the various image files available to you. Raster images basically are those that are created with pixels and they range from the basic illustrations to the complex visuals such as photographs and as a result of the fact that they are so created from such a fixed set of pixels, they often tend to lose their quality especially when they are resized such as enlargements. This as such makes them often ideal for the final product that will only but be left for printing. Looking at the vector images, it is vital for you to note the fact that these are actually never images as such but like some form of formulas that communicate to your computer telling the PC what kinds of images that you want it to get you. This quality as such makes the vector images the best selection for the sake of creating logos, illustrations and texts. As such the vector images happen to be the better alternative when you factor the bit of the need to have as much resolution is concerned. This as such makes it wise for you to consider having your master file images created and saved in vector formats so as to allow you the flexibility to use these images such as your logos and letterheads on a number of promotional products such as banners and as well be able to size them for use with the smaller ones like business cards.

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