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Enhancing Safety and Comfort in Working Environments

A discipline that deals with the interactions of human beings and elements of a given system through the application of physiological and psychological principles are referred to as work ergonomics. This helps in ensuring the proper design of systems, processes, and products that helps enhance the well-being of human and proper performance of overall systems. This is achieved by minimizing the human error as well as ensuring that there are safety and comfort that brings about proper interaction of the humans and things that interest them. Work ergonomics ensure that the goals set in occupational health and safety guidelines have been met where human have to be provided with safe furniture as well as interface that are easy to use in machines and other equipment.

To enhance comfort in a working environment, there are tips one need to apply to ensure that they achieve efficiency and productivity with minimal fatigue. One tip to apply is to make sure that It is also the weight of the arms get the necessary support to avoid straining the muscles in the neck and the shoulders. At the workplace, one needs to keep their head position appropriate to reduce fatigue in such a way that the weight of the head is above the neck for support. When using a monitor, it is important to ensure that the monitor is placed directly in front where the top should not be top of the eyes. When one is using the phone receiver, they should never hold it when jammed between the ear and the neck to avoid straining the neck muscles.

Work ergonomics that not only aim at enhancing comfort of the body and reducing fatigue but there are also other aspects that should be put in place to ensure safety. Such an important aspect that should be put in place in a workplace is having work instructions that aim at describing the tasks and activities that one is required to do while in the workstation. The work instructions in an organization are aimed at ensuring that the workers are able to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency at all times. Development, implementation and management of the work instructions can be made easier through investing in a suitable work instruction software.

There are so many benefits of working ergonomically. The cost incurred in unsafe and uncomfortable for the workers as well as other related indirect costs are quite a lot and can be minimized through these work ergonomics. It also enhances productivity and efficiency through good working posture, reduced motion, less exertion as well as better reaches and heights for the employees. Working ergonomically also lead to a safety culture in the workplace with employees who are healthy which is one of the most valuable assets in a workplace.

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